Sampoorna Learns About Bondita’s Address

We are very fond of TV serials, we also have a lot of interest in the stories of upcoming episodes of TV serials, which are very interested to know. So in this article, we have brought you the upcoming story of TV serials Sampoorna Learns About Bondita’s Address.

In the latest episode of Barrister Babu, there will be some more drama to watch the episode starts, Bondita collides with a stranger and the letter that he was about to give Manorma stuck in her clothes. The man gets scared thinking Bondita read the letter, she asks him what he is doing. The man replies that he has lost his way. Bondita reminds the newspaper and says I know you, the man flees out from there, she starts chasing him.

Barrister Babu Today's 6th May 2021 Written Update: Sampoorna Learns About Bondita's Address

There, Manorma manages to come out of the room and tries to distract Bondita by yelling out Anirudh’s name. The stranger succeeds runs away, Manorma decides to read the letter that has been stuck in her Saari. In the next scene, Anirudh got slew instead of Manorma. Trilochan tries to handle Anirudh and tells him about his identity as he has forgotten everything because he is intoxicated. Anirudh asks some strange questions such as who I am where I come from.

Trilochan tells him that he has two wives and he is from a well-known background so he should not do such stuff. Anirudh replies “I have only one wife and the second one is fake”. His statement shocked everyone Trilochan sends someone to get his wife because he is not in his senses. Manorama and Bondita both get into a sweet verbal spat with each other after coming out, Sampoorna gets shocked to see that Manorma is all fine. When both of them reaches Anirudh, he says there my wife came. Manorma thinks why he is behaving this much strange.

Bondita prays to god that he will consider her as his real and favourite wife. Meanwhile, Trilochan thinks that Anirudh will choose Manorma as his real wife, but Anirudh chooses both and goes with them but there he goes to sit close to Bondita. She says Bondita Roy Choudhary you are my real and favourite wife I will always love you. His statement makes Bondita feel over the moon and Trilochan also gets so happy to see this, Anirudh keeps saying she is my real wife.

Bondita gets happy when Anirudh tells everyone that she is his lovely wife, meanwhile, Manorma still thinks about her plan to execute. Deep inside she gets insecure she thinks that if her plan comes out then she will be exposed which should not happen. There Anirudh bent on saying Bondita is my real wife and she gets a gift from him. Well, the episode ends here with this sweet twist in Bondita’s life. Stay tuned to get all the latest and complete written episode update.

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