Akka Bai Asks Shiva To Take Selfie With Sidhi

We are very fond of TV serials, we also have a lot of interest in the stories of upcoming episodes of TV serials, which are very interested to know. So in this article, we have brought you the upcoming story of Akka Bai Asks Shiva To Take Selfie With Sidhi.

The latest episode of Bawra Dil takes the story further, as we saw in the last episode that someone torn Sidhi’s book and throw them into the trash. Sidhi misunderstood that her books were torn by Shiva. In the night when Shiva returns he notices that the box there and asks Sidhi why this is here. Sidhi opens the box and shows him torn books. Shiva stunned and asks who did this. Sidhi alleged him for tearing his books, Shiva shocks hearing this allegation. Shiva says that you are wrongly alleging me.

Today's Bawara Dil Written Episode 4th May 2021: Akka Bai Asks Shiva To Take Selfie With Sidhi

But Sidhi starts saying ill to Shiva without knowing the truth. She even says that she will ruin his image in front of everyone. Shiva says that enough is enough now if you say another word, but Sidhi interrupts him in between and says what will you do? Meanwhile, Yashwant comes and tells Sidhi that you are alleging the wrong person. He asks Sidhi and Shiva to come inside, they both see Bunty and Babblu are standing there with their head bowed. Yashwant there that they tore your books. Sidhi shocked hearing that.

Vijaya comes up with the complete truth, Shiva fumes listening to the truth and asks them if you both did all that. Shiva yells at both of them, but in between Mangala comes there and asks him to don’t shout at them. But Yashwant informs her that they tore Sidhi’s books. Mangla pretends to scold them and asks them to come along with her. Mangla secretly tells them not to reveal her name. But just then Shiva asks them to stop, Mangal gets worried. Shiva warns them to not repeat such kind of mistake otherwise it will be worse for them.

Later, Vijaya brings food for Shiva but he denies eating it and Sidhi overhears it. She herself goes to the kitchen and makes something for Shiva. Shiva is sitting outside, Sidhi comes there along with food and sits beside him. Sidhi hesitantly apologizes to Shiva and he gets shocked and Sidhi never apologized to him in the past. Later they both eat food after Yashwant convinces them.

Later, Shiva calls Jalwa and tells them that he is leaving the house. Jalwa says that I will meet at Akka Bai’s house. Akka Bai later asks Shiva to take a selfie with Sidhi. Shiva dubiously asks why? Jalwa replies perhaps Akka Bai will give it to the press. Jalwa says that you can deny her, but Shiva says that he won’t. Shiva agrees to take a selfie with Sidhi. The episode ends, get further Bawri Dil written episode update here at Social Telecast.

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